mercredi 2 novembre 2011

Chocolate Hearts !!!

Hello everyone !!!

We start a new blog ! Welcome everyone !

Chocolate Hearts is an amateur idol group from France and Switzerland. First of all, we'd like to say that we are above all a group of friends that know each other for a long time. We don't intend to be professionals, because we don't have the background, the training, the means, and we are not Japanese. 

We are idol fans. Miwa, Jessica and Leelou are big fans of Hello Project. My favourite groups are Fudanjuku (& Nakano Fujo Sisters), Berryz Koubou and Viyuden. Of course, we also like SKE48/NMB48, Natsuko Aso, Usagino Namihey, Passpo, Super Girls, etc...

Chocolate Hearts is a group of friends who will sing at some conventions and we hope you will have fun watching us ! 




Birthdate: 2nd of December
Favourite color(s): Blue, pink, yellow, green
Official color: Blue
Favourite animal(s): Turtle and dog
Favourite band(s): Shugo Chara
Hobbies: Internet, dancing, watching dramas


 Birthdate: 24th of April
Favourite color: pink
Official color: pink
Favourite animal(s): bunny and dog
Favourite band(s): Morning Musume and W
Hobbies: singing, drawing, fashion and cosplay


 Birthdate: 16th of March
Favourite color(s): red, purple, pink, white
Official color: red
Favourite animal(s): cat and raccoon
Favourite band(s): Fudanjuku /Nakano Fujo sisters, Berryz Koubou
Hobbies: singing, drawing, cooking, cosplaying, videogaming 


Birthdate: 3rd of April
Favourite color: pink
Official color: light purple
Favourite animal: bunny
Favourite band: Morning Musume, W, Biyuden
Hobbies: singing, drawing, sweet lolita and gyaru fashion 



Birthday: 26/07
Favourite color(s): green, blue, pink
Official color: green
Favourite animal(s): cat
Favourite band(s): Buono!, Berryz, C-ute, BRIGHT, Scandal, Kat-Tun
Hobbies: Dancing !


Birthday: 13/12
Favourite color(s): white, pink
Official color: white
Favourite animal(s): dog
Favourite band(s): Sound Horizon, Bump of chicken, Berryz Koubou
Hobbies: writing, reading, sewing, drawing and dancing

Miwa and Asuka sing together as Miwasuka Heart

 Jessica and Leelou sing together as Twins Hearts

A big thanks to Midhryl for the banner :p

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  1. I'm so proud to be the guy who makes your banner o/

    Gambare ! チョコレート ハーツ !!!